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Welcome to Acupoint Integrative Testing

When you land at our virtual door, you’ve often been through a substantial variety and number of treatments but still don’t feel well. You haven’t been understood or found the diagnostics, options or resolution you need.

Almost certainly you’ll be feeling or have cycled through one or more of the following:

You’re frustrated with past outcomes, the “system”, the inattention and failure to recognize your individual concerns and effectively address your specific situation. Even if you’ve had wonderful doctors and practitioners, so far, you still haven’t seen the improvements you’re hoping for.

You may feel a certain sense of anxiety (or desperation) because treatments haven’t worked and you’re still sick, you’ve plateaued, or are getting worse; you’re out of workable options or very few remain.

You may be just plain exhausted, physically, mentally, emotionally, or some combination because it can be a long, tiring road to find the help you are looking for and the answers you need.

Often, you’ve been through the mill, seen a lot of practitioners, done a lot of treatments, used many different products or medications. You may even have had surgery or are looking at it in the future. And the future can feel intimidating, uncertain or dark.

You’re hoping that we’re the people that can finally help, even if you carry a healthy dose of skepticism or weariness.

The focus in health care is most often on what is happening as opposed to why it is happening. But a diagnosis or description is not an understanding. While identifying a health issue can be helpful in categorizing what is going on, it is limited.

A description will not shed light on why something hasn’t resolved or is getting worse or where immune function is insufficient. And without that understanding, knowing what to do to correct the problem, stop damage and repair the system is a guessing game with very high stakes involved.

With AIT, the focus is on why a problem developed and persists and what to do to fix it.

Because we work with and develop diagnostics and solutions that have not previously been offered, we have more freedom to provide different options that work for each individual. This approach means we can provide a range of effective protocols that haven’t been available before, moving us toward resolution on issues that were only previously managed while also looking for long term solutions, with the ultimate aim of prevention.

And when no answers exist, we do the extensive research to develop them, not stopping at “we don’t know.” When nobody has figured something out yet, we have the means, experience and capacity to do necessary research and to come up with those answers.

The level of precision, skill and accuracy we bring is essential because you may be dealing with something foundational that hasn’t been recognized in the past, more than just symptoms and even particular causes. Which means getting to why your immune system hasn’t been effective and what to do to fix it.

Most people show up after having been through and done a lot. We get it; you’re likely wondering what’s going to change if I do this now? Getting better takes place over time, happens in stages and can be a complex process.

We don’t back away from the exquisite complexity of health or illness — we engage with it.

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