Patient Services:

At each level of care we take the time to listen and respond to patient questions and concerns. Communication with our patients is a critical part of the ongoing care we provide.

When we take the necessary time with each patient to understand what has come before, including your concerns and health related goals, while precisely evaluating what is currently and specifically going on with you in real time, the reward is increased accuracy about what is causing the problem and related protocol effectiveness. Even the best protocol is ineffective if the cause is not accurately identified and addressed. The happy results from working with this level of patient specific precision? The ability to get results our patients were previously unable to achieve.

New Patient Comprehensive Intakes:

All patient care begins with a 5-part new patient intake process: initial consult (15-20 minutes); reviewing new patient introduction, completing new patient agreement (via email); a comprehensive health history phone appointment (approximately 1-2 hours) and an AIT evaluation with Dan Newell (up to 1 hour).

During the intake process we spend time learning about your health history, your efforts to get well, and your health concerns and goals. Then we precisely evaluate your current health status and determine protocol priorities and the specifics of care for each patient. We end each intake by discussing options and creating a profoundly specific protocol plan, wholly particularized and unique to you.

New AIT Patient Intakes include:

  • Your initial Consult (15-20 minutes via phone with Stacy)
  • Review of Additional Patient Information (via email)
  • A Comprehensive Health History Appointment with Stacy (1-2 hours via phone)
  • An AIT Intake Evaluation Appointment with and protocol plan by Dan Newell (up to 1 hour)
  • Responding to your AIT and intake related questions (time varies, via text, email or phone)
  • AIT Intakes are $850

Monthly Patient Care and Appointments:

AIT is patient specific, precise, highly individualized patient work, utilizing molecular measurement in real time. It is not unusual for Dan to do patient related research between appointments or for us to have ongoing communication with our patients or their caregivers, before, between and after appointments. For us, there is an average of 1 1/2 hours of outside patient activities for each half hour we spend inside an appointment with a patient. These related activities are all included in our appointment rate. AIT Appointments with us typically include

  • Initial phone consult (to determine if an appointment is appropriate and if so, what type to schedule, and of course, scheduling and pricing information)
  • Email confirmation and related appointment information
  • Responding to patient questions about our process,your appointment and related issues via phone or email
  • Order/payment handling, at and between appointments
  • AIT Appointment-intake evaluation- and AIT testing itself
  • Explaining findings and protocol direction
  • protocol plan, development and instructions
  • Time answering patient related questions
  • Reviewing protocol and product order with patient
  • Post appointment follow up email with protocol, brief summary, product details and follow up instructions
  • Post appointment communication via phone, text or email with any related questions, as needed
  • Discussing and arranging for program options if and as needed

All outside, patient related activities above are included in our Monthly Care Appointment rate, which is $250/month.

Additional Services: We provide a number of different programs for individuals during periods requiring more intensive care, each tailored to individual patient needs. So ask us what’s available during your intake process, we’re happy to discuss what best suits your specific case. If your health concern is serious or urgent, please let us know and we can discuss options with you.

Acute Care Program: At times patients may cycle into and out of a period requiring more contact, access and acute care. If needed we offer an Acute Care Monthly program which includes everything the Monthly Care Program does and up to 4 appointments in a single month providing you with significantly increased support to successfully move you through this period and into a more stable state of health. The Acute Care Monthly Care Program is $895/month.

Consulting Patient Services: Consulting Patient services are available for patients referred to Dan for an evaluation and primarily working with and obtaining their nutritional products outside of our office.

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