About Us

Dan Newell, M.S., C.N. Originator and Master Practitioner of Acupoint Integrative Testing

In Dan’s 41 years as a biochemist, consultant and clinical nutritionist, he has helped thousands of patients break through the most challenging illnesses of our time. Dan’s distinctive, multi-disciplinary approach to engaging with health impacts and concerns is guided by both critical assessment and consideration of unconventional approaches. Over the course of decades, this rigorously scientific, patient-focused research has evolved into AcuPoint’s unique system for bringing patients back to a state of health with unprecedented accuracy.

In addition to helping his patients, Dan has trained over a thousand practitioners in his breakthrough work through AIT Training.

Stacy Goldring, Director of Communication and Education, Certified Coach and Clinical Consultant

Stacy’s diverse background in mental health consultancy, autism research, clinical studies and medical systems, life coaching, and teaching give her the unique capabilities to partner with Dan at AIT. With a passion for effective communication and personal transformation, Stacy guides patients and practitioners through the challenges of the wellness journey. Her particular balance of a scientific background and capacity for human connection makes her the go-to for patients seeking clarity, support, and understanding.

About Acupoint Integrative Testing

AcuPoint Integrative Testing (AIT) and Nutrition is a clinical practice devoted to creating a new paradigm of health for practitioners and patients. For over 35 years, we’ve specialized in accurately identifying and addressing the causes of chronic and perplexing immune dysfunction, helping to bring patients back to vitality and realize full, healthy lives.
Our methodology is a significant, multi-generational effort that has evolved through decades of research, testing, and validating a new model for successfully assessing and addressing illness. It is comprised of a deep understanding of the biochemical process and the application of a precise form of kinesiology, clinical nutrition, homeopathic formulations, electro-acupuncture theory, and other disciplines.

Through the integration of seemingly disparate knowledge across dozens of fields, we are often ahead of health trends—and able to spearhead successful, accurate resolution and follow-up preventative care in previously unresolved cases. We pair broad, patient-directed research with granular intercellular and molecular testing, allowing us to achieve unprecedented results through non-invasive means.

At AcuPoint, we are committed to maintaining an individualized, supportive, and connected relationship with both our students and our patients.

Our Partnership Story: A Personal Note from Stacy

Dan and I met nearly a decade ago, while I was working in clinical research at UC Davis Medical Center’s MIND Institute. I was immersed in a high-profile, world-class allopathic model of clinical evaluation and diagnosis, working with the early identification and treatment of autism. While some very fine and important work is carried out through conventional models; the cost, politics,and limitations could be frustrating and even downright tragic. My favorite part of each day became helping families, team members and colleagues solve problems that impacted their lives in unwelcome and sometimes devastating ways.

A curious thing happened around that time: my own daughter became ill, and despite multiple doctors best efforts, she wasn’t responding to traditional or alternative treatments. I spent over two years taking her to different doctors, all of whom were perplexed at her case and couldn’t provide answers. Enter Dan Newell: the only person who was able to help her back to health. But it wasn’t just my daughter. I took note that Dan was making huge progress with patients on a daily basis—and getting people well in ways I was taught were impossible. To me, the outcomes and accuracy were irresistible; I needed to be a part of that work. When I left the Medical center at UC and began training with Dan, my entire life shifted.

Over the course of several years, I took on a much larger role in AIT. Naturally and intentionally, my training and coaching perspective is woven into the fabric of AIT and the work we do. Being sick and getting well can be a rough journey—it doesn’t just affect patients physiologically; it impacts people’s lives, families and souls in fundamental ways. Part of my role at AIT is in helping people see what’s possible within that journey, keeping them connected to hope and the life that waits for them on the other side.

Nine years later, and Dan and I have a blended family with 5 children between us. With over 50 years of experience between us, we are devoted to doing the unimaginable on a daily basis — and our patients and practitioners are part of the team that actualizes those possibilities.

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